An Anarchist History of Buddhism from the 1800’s to the 1920’s

Following an inquiry into anarchic elements of pre-modern Buddhist history we arrive in the 19th century, where “anarchism” first moves beyond philosophy and becomes a self-identified force driving social movements. As the primary ideology within the worker’s movement in the 1870’s-1910’s (Gradually becoming eclipsed by Bolshevism and social democracy by the mid 20th century), anarchism […]

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Graham Priest and the “0th Noble Truth” I recently listened to a podcast interview with philosophy professor at CUNY Graham Priest in which he discusses Buddhist ethics and Anarchism. He raised some interesting points which I think are relevant for this project, so I thought I would post my notes here: Priest supposes the classic […]

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On Selves and Masters

And Other Catchy Slogans The name of this project, “No Selves, No Masters”, started out as pun on the classic anarchist slogan “No Gods, No Masters” and sounded catchy enough at first. After having been at this a couple of months I’ve begun to see theoretical value in the slogan which I didn’t initially expect. […]

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The Transmission of Freedom

In the Zen school, there is a concept called “face-to-face transmission of dharma”. It is the principal means by which a teacher passes on knowledge, tradition and lineage and confirms a student’s theoretical and direct (non-conceptual) understanding of the Buddhist teachings as passed down through the Zen schools. The story goes that this practice goes […]

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Buddhist Anarchists for Myanmar

To ensure that victory is achieved and peace is lasting, revolutionaries, especially those who are Buddhists, should consider these ideas. Myanmar, also known as Burma: It is one of the world’s most devout Buddhist nations as well as one of the world’s most violent, home to the longest ongoing civil war in modern history. It […]

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Anarchist Communist Revolution by Uchiyama Gudō

From Fabio Rambelli’s Zen Anarchism: The Egalitarian Dharma of Uchiyama Gudō: “Museifu Kyōsan Kakumei (Nyūgoku kinen) (“Anarchist Communist Revolution: In Commemoration of Imprisonment), Gudō’s first extensive work, was written after the Red flag incident (Akahata jiken) of June 1908, in which anarchist activists took to the street in Tokyo, waving banners advocating “Anarchy” (museifu), “Anarchist […]

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