Working Definitions

Anarchist and buddhist thought are both much too broad to simply slap them together and expect a coherent ideology or practice to emerge. I’m going to attempt a working definition of specifically which anarchisms and which buddhisms I’m using to get a clearer idea of what the resulting buddhist anarchism might look like. For myself, […]

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Hakugen Ichikawa (市川白弦) and Buddhist Anarchist Communism

Made a (potentially) big discovery for english language buddhist anarchists! So far it’s been dreadfully difficult to find scholarship on any people who developed a coherent buddhist anarchist philosophy. Uchiyama Gudo or Gary Snyder are typically the go-to people associated with the idea, but neither did much political theorizing. Snyder wrote his short essay in […]

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Four Foundations of Buddhist Anarchism

In this project I am going to explore the connections, conflicts, compatibilities and contradictions of a possible buddhist anarchism and delve into histories of social movements and persons who have advocated and embodied it.  Here, anarchism modifies buddhism, specifying a particular way of interpreting and practicing the buddha-dharma. Buddhist anarchism is as much a critical, […]

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